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Our Story

Inspired by the minimalist Cycladic aesthetic, the endless white and blue of the Aegean and the glamorous aura of MykonosSketch boutique opened its doors in 2014 in Chora (Mykonos Town).

Built in organic lines and whitewashed, spread over 3 rooms, our space features resort-wear brands, limited-edition collections and one-of-a-kind creations from Greek and International fashion designers.



Sketch boutique showcases a sophisticated women's and men's brand mix from independent designers from all over the world.

Our product range expands from accessories, eyewear, and shoes to homeware candles and perfumes.


At Sketch, we are inspired from travel destinations and nomad inspiration.

 Embroidered ponchos, ethereal dresses, poetic scarves, hand-printed kaftans, sophisticated accessories, hand-painted hats, handmade bikinis, elegant linen collections, leather sandals, hand-crafted jewelries and other wonderful pieces inspired from around the world.

With our ongoing dedication to focusing on sophisticated materials and natural fabrics we support artisans all over the world and brands that marry traditional and modern design techniques.


Our mission is to provide a feeling of exclusiveness and high-energy emotions to our customers while exploring our collections.

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